• To train and equip more labourers especially the youth to fulfill the Great Commission.
  • To help the youth to live Christ-like life in a perverse world.
  • To preach repentance and remission of sins in Jesus' name to all especially the unreached.
  • To lead members and others to the full knowledge of Christ and have a personal faith in Him.
  • To empower the youth academically and economically.
  • To promote peace and the spirit of communal living through sports and other communal activities deem necessary.

  • To organize weekly teaching lessons for members to have full knowledge of God and personal faith in Him.
  • To organize retreat programmes for members as preparation towards any outreach programme every year.
  • To organize an outreach once a year in any area as led by the Holy Spirit.
  • To provide Christian literature and academic materials for our members periodically.
  • To have an end of year Get-to-gather (Swallowship) at the end of each year in a targeted community.
  • To empower half of the youth to have gainful employment through agro-based opportunities by the year 2020.


​The passion and drive to commence such a soul winning organization by Ms. Charlotte Obiri Bonney began
​​at age twelve (12) after she had received encouragement from her childhood friend Ms. Martha Young, who helped her to study the Holy Bible to know more about Christ. With this drive of studying the scriptures usually during her pastime with her friends, they formed a small group called Aldesgate with the mission of witnessing Christ to their juniors and colleagues and discipling them. The group came to an end when they completed their basic education and parted companies.

​The passion for this soul winning business intensified after she was asked by a still small voice (the Holy Spirit) in a dream to "proclaim my message" (the gospel of Christ). With trust and obedience to God as her guiding principle or watch words, this organization was established with the help of the Holy Spirit on 23rd July 2010 at Ekumfiman Otuam in the Central Region of the Republic of Ghana with a membership of 55, 5 patrons, a chairman (Mr. Mensah Yorke) and Very Rev De-Graft Obiri being the chaplain.